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Fon2Future - A speculative vision into an eco-socially sustainable future

About the project:

"The climate crisis is imminent and requires us to restructure our society on all levels." We all know that. We know that we are the last generation with the chance to have a meaningful impact on that scenario, we know that the world is gonna burn to a crisp if we don't do it. But... Even if we wanted to do it, how exactly do we get there? And what does this 'there' even look like?

Enter the Fon2Future project. This pop-up phone booth will appear in your neighbourhood and offer you the unique chance to have a phone call with your neighbours in the future. In this version of 2050, eco-social sustainability has not only been realized, but it has also become the new norm that all people are now participants in. 

Fon2Future offers you the opportunity to learn about what we can do to prevent the climate crisis and what changes that entails to the individual through unique, non-linear conversation-based storytelling. 7 different personas will grant you unique insight into different systemic elements such as new democratic decision-making processes, transport, agriculture, buildings, education, and much more, all through the individual's lens on a real-life example that is familiar to you as the participant.

This means that this time, you get to learn about it based on your local environment while getting to see how your future neighbour interprets these changes through jokes, wondering and mourning. They will also grant you useful tips and suggestions on how you can empower yourself and your community to become active participants in creating this or any other preferable vision to climate breakdown. 

We can do this, so let's get building. 

Learn more about the story behind Fon2Future's

concept development and prototyping

About Fon2Future's framework + background:

The world that personas are conversing about is built on data and pathways accumulated by scientific communities such as the IPCC, PIK, Project Drawdown and many real-life best practices of the here and now. These have been combined in multiple co-design workshops with local Colognian climate and sustainability activists, in an effort to create one holistic experience from the initial sources. Fon2Future's communication approach is drawn from the findings of several public high-calibre climate and sustainability communicators. 

To learn more about any technical details and the testing of the prototype, watch the video displayed on the right.

Fon2Future's perspective:

The Fon2Future installation was first displayed at the MA DSISF graduate show in London in December 2021. During this period the prototype for this installation was analyzed on its potential and performance in user-testings with visitors to the exhibition.

At this point in time, Fon2Future is looking for funding, to finalize this project and bring it out into the wild for people to learn and interact with it.

The pictures on the left show some of the participants engaging with the first physical prototype. To learn more about the creative process behind Fon2Futures creation, you may also download the project's process documentation PDF.

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